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Queer Historian

Ron is a community leader and storyteller. Decades of work in Edmonton’s non-profit sector have given him an extensive resume of service as well as a unique viewpoint on our city and its history.

His involvement with groups such as the Alberta’s oldest 2SLGBTQ+ organization the Imperial Sovereign Court of the Wild Rose where he was a Founding Member, the Pride Centre of Edmonton as part of developing its Aging With Pride Program and the Edmonton Pride Seniors Group. He also assisted in creating a newly formed Capital Pride YEG bringing Pride back to our city and worked with the Edmonton Heritage Council and its Edmonton City As Museum Project (ECAMP) to bring stories of our Queer history to the public space. Ron also helped develop and monitor the Harm Reduction Program, PeerNPeer managed by the Queer & Trans Health Collective – QTHC (formerly Edmonton Men’s Health Collective).

Currently he is working actively with HIV Edmonton building a new Peer based program focusing on health of those living with HIV/AIDS with funding from Health Canada. He also can be found participating as a Positive Speaker to Student Nursing Programs as part of the HIVE workshops.

He is also the founder of the Rainbow Story Hub Foundation, a local resources telling the history of the 2SLGBTQ+ community in Edmonton from the perspective of those who lived it. His interest in sharing our history for our younger folks leads him to approach topics such as Edmonton’s queer history with insight and passion. Catch him speaking at various functions and community fundraisers.

Ron Byers has been actively involved in the 2SLGBTQ+ community for over 50 years and since the age of 16. He has seen our Queer history evolve from behind closed doors to dancing in the streets and has watched and celebrated as our community has grown closer to being treated as EQUAL UNDER THE LAW.

In addition to a career in Customer Service Management for over 35 years, Ron Byers was also active on several Boards including Klondike Days Association, Jasper Place Gateway Association, Edmonton Pride Festival and served as a volunteer for Festival and Event organizations like Northlands Youth Talent Quest, Klondike Days Parade, Heritage Festival, Edmonton International Air Show, Capital Pride Edmonton and HIV Edmonton,

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