Capturing And Sharing Edmonton’s Queer History

This Powerpoint style presentation brings the story of the work that has been done to bring the history of the 2SLGBTQ+ community to life over the last 25+ years.

The presentation is about 20-25 minutes and can be done in person or virtually with an optional 10 – 15 minute question period following.

I cover several pieces of written work done by local Queer Historian/Actor/Writer/Producer Darrin Hagen. Also work done by the Edmonton Heritage Council’s Edmonton City As Museum Project (ECAMP), the Edmonton Queer History Project and Rainbow Story Hub.

Also included is a brief synopsis of upcoming projects from these groups as well as an upcoming anthology series based on the Sex Trials Of 1942 in Edmonton, the Telus funded Flashback Documentary film, a new community initiative with the City Of Edmonton Archives, Archive Society of Alberta and the Edmonton Heritage Council as well as Rainbow Story Hub and the Edmonton Queer History Project.

Here are some slides from the presentation: